Friday, April 12, 2013


The past few months have been filled with new and exciting things for myself and one of my best friends and amazing talent Ashley Nemer. We have decided to join our resources and publish our books under The Art of Safkhet an independent label we created to give us more control over our books.

April has started out with a bang, with the release of Blood Myth (The Myth Series) my baby is finally in print and eBook  Whispers in the Dark an emotional poetry book, written by myself, Torie N James, and Ashley Nemer was released in print and eBook this past week.

As if that wasn't enough great news, Ashley's book The Maverick Touch, The Cat was also released in late March in both print and eBook  Oh, it doesn't stop there for Mrs. Nemer, she also is working on releasing her Blood Purple in print and Blood Yellow the second installment in her Blood Series is up next for release soon.

So many things coming up so soon, The Art of Safkhet will be Ashley and my home for awhile and we have big plans for the summer. Starting in May we will release two short series, Temptation Tuesdays is a series of short stories of awakenings and desires opened. It is a coming into one's own self awareness, through sexual exploration. This will be available the first Tuesday of each month.

The second series is one that has been in both of our heads for sometime. Sekhmet's Revenge, is a series of shorts that will take you on a journey through ancient Egypt to modern day Israel. This series will be a mixture of adventure, sisters, magic, war, betrayal and revenge. Sekhmet's Revenge will debut May 22nd, 2013 and each new installment will be available the third Wednesday of each month.

Locally we will be attending our first book signing at Houston Indie Book Festival April, 20th 2013, come out and join the fun and say hi if you live or will be in the Houston Area.

My next goal is to have the second Myth book in the fall.

Finally, anyone who joins one of our blogs between now April 12th and April 19th 2013 will receive 25% off any of our eBooks. A coupon will be sent to your email once you join our blogs.

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