Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Neria Meets her Master by Ashley Nemer

Neria meets her Master...

It was the start of a new year and Myth was opening its doors to the spirits again. Every year it welcomed the supernatural creatures and each year her and her sister decided they didn't want to waste time hunting for men where the common folks conjugated. Except this year. Neria was bored and needed something to take her mind off of the creature she recently met while on an outing with Lakra. 

She summoned her wind, her favorite form of travel, she let the elements whip and twist around her body, the air burn and linger along her skin. Mother Nature's strongest element tore her molecule by molecule only to bring her back to life outside of the nightclub in Romania. She walked along the side of the building and into the door. She moved pasted the body guard undetected and past the bartender, he seemed too busy talking with the odd redhead to notice her anyway. This is why her sister and her stayed as recluses. The men today were not worth the effort.

Neria swiped a drink from a tray that she passed by while walking through the crowd; she saw something out of the corner of her eye, a man, a tall man, and dark hair, his demeanor very powerful, very attractive. He was heading upstairs and she wanted to know what was up there. She finished the drink quickly and set it down on someone's table then made her way through the crowd of people to the edge of the stairs. This time the guard at the bottom was more alert than the bouncer at the front of the door. 

"You cannot go up there." He looked down at her, his gaze dark and pointed.
"I just want to have a little fun." She batted her eyes and pressed her body against his. She was trying to be playful and sweet, she knew how the game worked.
"You're not on the guest list."
"I don't see a list."
"She's with me." A voice said from behind her.

Neria turned around and a man, a tall man, looked down at her. His eyes were powerful, his chin was chiseled, his skin dark and his body was toned perfectly.

"You know her?" The guard asked the stranger who had come to Neria's rescue. 
"No, but that's never stopped me."

The man put his hand on her back and pushed her past the guard and escorted her up the stairs. They walked in silence. She heard nothing but the steps each of their placements of their feet made on the wood. The crowd's music and voices were muted with just his touch on her skin.

"Pick a room Beauty; you said you wanted to have some fun." He leaned over and whispered into her ear.
"That is what I told the man downstairs. It does not mean I want someone to dictate to me what that fun is." She went to step away from him but something was keeping her body stuck next to him. Something, powerful. She liked that.
"You are new here so you will need to learn a few things. One, no one refuses my wishes, two, if I tell you to do something you do it and three, pick a room." His voice echoed in her head, it was as if he made it linger inside of her mind.

Neria looked around the room for a few moments at the open rooms, she always knew never pick in a moment of haste, always choose wisely, always make smart decisions. She saw there was no one occupying room number thirteen, she liked prime numbers, and being a witch, she liked things that tended to drive people away. 

"Ah Beauty, are you sure you haven't been here before, that's my favorite. Come."

He led the way, his hands till on her lower back. She was still unsure what she had gotten herself into, had she bitten off more than she could handle this time?

"I can feel all of your thoughts Beauty, rest assured by the end of the night you will leave here sedated."

She felt her face flush a crimson color. How embarrassing was that.

"If that's going to cause you to blush then you might want to not go into this room." He paused just before they reached the door. "There is no going back. When you are ready, you are to go inside, you will strip, kneel before the bed and await further instructions. You've picked The Master's Chambers."

Neria's eyes dilated, her body instantly warmed.

"Oh the Beauty is excited."
"I am."
"From now on it's Yes Master."

Neria watched him open the door and she walked inside. She heard the door shut and she looked around and could see nothing. She summoned some fire and caught her breath when she saw all of the devices laid out along the walls for use. What did I get myself into… She stripped her cloths and folded them neatly and set them on the chair, she kneeled next to the bed and extinguished the fire just a minute before the dark haired man came back into the room.

"Are you ready?"
"Yes Master?"

She couldn't see him but she felt him moving around her, he grabbed something from the wall and walked up behind her, she felt the leather strap dangle along her back, a whip. It teased her skin, her hair and the whip both danced along her creamy white skin than in an instant, crack.

"In the Masters Chambers I will use you as I see fit, stand Slave." 

The rush of her adrenaline shot through her body, she complied and now was standing, her hands were shaking, she had no idea what was coming next. 

"In the Masters Chambers I like to be serviced, come, kneel before me."

She still couldn't see him, there were no windows in the room and he provided no light, but his body emitted a warmth that gave off his exact location. She knew precisely his location. She walked up to him and went down on both her knees. She began to lower her head when her face was met with his member. She needed no instruction; she knew what was to be done. 

She started slowly, inch by inch she took him, she felt his free hand run through her hair for a moment then as if he couldn’t take her hesitation he jammed her mouth around him. She wanted to gag, she wanted to resist and she wanted to fight. Every fiber of her being wanted to resist but she knew she couldn't. She couldn’t give into this stranger. 

Her tongue circled him, her mouth formed a vacuum and she sucked. She felt his hand form a fist and he pulled on her hair when he let a moan escape his lips. Neria and her sister were known for what they were able to do to men, their goals in life were obtaining the seeds of powerful males; this was what she was made for. Just not in this environment.

She milked this man until he was on the verge of exploding; he was almost there when he called out, "Stop." 

Neria pulled back and looked up at him; her eyes had adjusted and could now see the outline of his dark face. She heard him utter one word, "Bed."

She stood up from her position and walked over to the mattress and leaned over, she preferred to be on top and wasn't sure how he wanted her. She felt him walk up behind her and felt the sting of the whip again, this time across her ass. The searing pain made her want to call out but she didn't want to give him that victory.

"Mhmmm Beauty I think this is your best quality."

Neria said nothing; he whipped her again before spreading her and pushing his cock deep inside. He shoved it hard and fast ramming it over and over. She felt the tip of him rubbing along her clitoris, her knees started to tremble, it had been so long since she had been worked over by a man. Her arms were starting to turn to mush, he was using his powers on her, he was enhancing her orgasm and she didn't care.

"Who's slave are you Beauty?"
"Yours Master."

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