Thursday, January 14, 2016

For my Uncle Jim

 Everyone’s Favorite Uncle

Everyone’s favorite Uncle
With you, the sounds of laughter filled the air
They followed you like a shadow
Leaving smiles and happiness in your wake
That’s what I will remember most 

Everyone’s favorite Uncle

The leader of our family
Who gave us more than he will ever know
Through all the important moments
You were always there to share the joy
That’s what I will remember most 

Everyone’s favorite Uncle 
There were so many lessons

Lessons to teach and lessons to learn
Most important to be proud of who we are
And to stand up and fight for what was right
That’s what I remember most 

My favorite Uncle Jim 
Your love of life and of your fellow man

The twinkle in your eye and your mischievous grin
The love you shared

That’s what I’ll remember most.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Just An Echo

Just an echo in the darkness
The wind whispers across my cheek
A shadow catches my eye
I think I feel your breath on my neck
Is that you purring in my ear?
Are you really here or
Just an echo in the darkness?
I wake up drenched in tears, alone
Every night, I spend without you
Crumbles my soul
My body grows so lonely, longing for your touch
I feel your lips on mine
My fingers in your hair
But this isn't real, it’s
Just an echo in the darkness