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Souls Around the World....Beginning of the Myth Blurb

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The Beginning of the Myth

The light of the moon highlighted the owl soaring over the canopies of the trees, winging its way along the edges of the roofs of the Gods’ Temples. Baset kneeled in front of Isis’ temple mesmerized by the large bird. She prayed for death but not her own but the death of her father. Baset had spent her entire life treated as an abomination. Her father hated Baset from birth but she could not blame him after all she killed his wife, her mother.
Baset was born sixteen years earlier. Her mother died the moment she opened her eyes and saw Baset. Her father had told her several times she was the result of evil. Baset was born with red hair, golden green cat eyes, and alabaster skin. She looked nothing like her parents or anyone in Egypt.
Tomorrow was the day of her birth and at sixteen her father would sell her to the highest bidder. She would become someone’s slave or whore, to do what they pleased to her. The owl changed courses circling around a grouping of wildflowers before settling on top of Akhekh’s Temple. Baset tilted her head up, she surveyed the temple. Serpents were carved into the pillars of the Serpent God’s temple. Baset often thought about the evil God. As a child she wondered if he were in fact her father?
She whispered to herself, “Stop being a fool, Baset.” She gathered her incense and crystals, placing them in an ornate circle, Baset prepared to pray to the Goddess Isis. She would try and pray for freedom, protection, and knowledge. Maybe tonight Isis would give her a reason for life and not death.
Great Isis, Mother of all the gods, I call to thee.
Lady of the crescent moon and mistress of the sea.
Queen of the Earth, I call to thee.
Mistress of the elements and embracer of the land.
Come to me, Isis and join me in your temple
And empower thy servant

The owl swooped down heading straight toward Baset. She did not move but continued to chant, her eyes never leaving the large bird. It flew quickly, wings flapping fast then suddenly the bird changed directions, maneuvering through the tops of the temples. It flew straight toward the Serpent God Akhekh’s Temple and landed on carved snake’s head at the top of the steeple.
Settling down there, the owl folded its mighty wings almost majestically, its enormous round eyes secured intently on Baset. She returned her attention to the items she placed in a circle. She lit the incense, shaped the crystals, and some of the herbs she picked from her garden.
Baset was drawn to the magick the earth. She studied and practiced the art of healing and magick she learned from her village’s healer. Baset shivered suddenly as the moon hid behind the clouds forming, leaving an ominous warning of danger to come. Very slowly Baset stood, dusting the dirt from her hands and then her skirt as she lifted her head to gaze up at the bird seated so pragmatically in the tree top.
“So you are you my reply from the goddess?” She said aloud, her voice soft and husky in the silence of the dark. The bird stared straight at her, its large round eyes gleaming and bright. A sudden glow of moonlight highlighted the feathers of the owl, making them seem iridescent, before the clouds concealed the moon completely. Baset heaved a sigh as she shoved at the long unruly mass of hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall. She pulled a couple of twigs from her crimson strands. Baset appeared just as mystical and mysterious as the silent owl, wild and untamed with her bare feet and green eyes but elegant with her delicate pale features.
At this moment she realized what she was, a young, beautiful witch. Perhaps she was born of evil like her father believed. Baset had always been drawn to the supernatural, to spells, and magick. She practiced the enchantments the town’s healer taught her. Baset weaved spells easily and instinctually knew what plants to use for ointments.
Suddenly a hush came over the land, the winds stopped howling, the insects ceased their humming, and the animals in the distance stopped their cries. Baset looked up at the large owl, “Are you my answer?” She looked toward Isis’ Temple, no sign of the goddess answering her prayers. Baset tilted her head back in to the direction of Akhekh’s temple. “Are you my father? Am I born of evil? Is this why, I am shunned by even the mother of all, Isis?”
She lifted her arms outstretching, Baset turned facing the four directions, north she faced Re’s temple, then east was Isis’, in the west sat Sekhmet’s temple, and the south Akhekh’s. The wind began to pick up, tugging at her clothes, her hair whipped around her like a cloak. The power of the wind created a dust storm. The sand stung her eyes; she gathered the ends of her skirt and began to run for cover.
Baset ran toward the nearest shelter, Akhekh’s temple, racing for protection against the sand storm. A small gasp escaped her once inside, she tilted her head toward the colossal statue of what she knew must be the Serpent God. The grand structure towered to the ceiling, a male figure with sapphires eyes, snakes crawling around the large column of his legs and continued around his muscular arms.
“Beautiful.” Baset whispered, it was the only word she could think of to describe Akhekh.
“You are lovely as well, Baset.”
Baset’s peridot colored eyes grew wide with fear as the statue began to move and the rich sultry voice echoed in the room. The snakes began to come to life and rock fell from Akhekh’s body. She began to move backward tripping on a kneeling bench.
Akhekh chuckled, “Why are you running? You called for me.” He lifted his arms, spanning them wide, dust and rock falling from him. “And here I am.”
“I did not call for you.” Baset stuttered the words. She tilted her head up to look at the hulking figure come alive. His thick chest and broad shoulders broke free of the stone confines but it was his glacier blue eyes that pierced her heart and looked directly into her soul.
Akhekh shrunk his body to a more mortal size, still towering over Baset but less intimidating. “Yes you did, you pray for me every night. You pray for wisdom and power to punish those who wrong you. Did you think Isis would give you power to punish others? Of course you called for me.” Slowly he walked toward her, his hand touched her cheek. She looked nothing like the women of Egypt, nothing like the women he bedded. Akhekh felt his cock twitch and harden as he touched her soft skin.
He felt her fear and it excited him. “What will you give me for the power to stop the auction tomorrow?”
“Wha what do you want?” She whispered the words, Baset knew she should not make such a agreement with Akhekh but she could not stop the question. She would do anything to have the ability to stop her father from selling her off like a common whore.
“Exactly as I thought,” His hand slid from her cheek finding a place in the wealth of her hair, fisting at the base he snapped her head back. “I can feel your fear but you know what I feel more than your fear?” He seductively purred the question into her ear.
“I feel nothing, fear or anything else.” Baset tried to sound confident but the shakiness of her voice gave her away.
He laughed; the sound filled the temple shaking the stone walls causing pebbles to fall to the ground. “Little liar. You are excited by my power, so much I bet you are nice and wet between your legs and the idea of having just the tiniest bit of my power is causing your juices to flow down your silky thighs.” His other hand yanked up her skirt and his finger plunged inside her body. “Drenched you are a little liar.”
Baset was soaked but she was also angry. Her body shook from the amount of anger Akhekh pulled from her. She struggled and managed to free herself from his grasp. “I will not be anyone’s whore, not even a god’s.” Quickly she turned and ran from the temple, the sound of his infuriating laughter filling her head.

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