Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Write or not to write… Umm, re-write of course.

By: Stacy A. Moran

Writing is like breathing to me. I must write to live. Yes, I know how cliché and obnoxious that sounds but it is my reality. I love everything about writing. I get lost in the research for my worlds. I love the feeling, I get when a new world and characters begin to develop. I do not remember a time when I did not have a character whispering stories in my mind.

As a child, I had notebooks full of characters’ biographies. From my very first character Queen Melissa of Heart Land (I was in first grade) to Tanerk Raka an evil demon in my Myth Series. The creation of characters is a natural, easy process for me. However, once the character starts to come alive, all my preconceived ideas quickly dwindle.

I can throw various difficult situations at their way, trying to get a certain reaction from them. However they do not care what I want because they have already developed their own personalities. They take on a life of their own.

One day I can be discussing one of my characters or story lines with a friend or family member and how happy I am with the way the story in unfolding. The next day, I am complaining because the characters decided they did not like where I was taking them and decided to write their own story.

Even as I am writing this blog right now, a character from the second installment of the Myth Series is changing the direction I wanted her to go. I write because I love being able to escape to a world of supernatural beings and bring the magic of myths and legends alive.

So ultimately it is not a matter of write or not to write… write or re-write. Re-write will always win because once the story has begun it is no longer my vision; it has become its own being.

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