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The Last Day

The Last Day
Temptation Tuesday

Copyright © 2013 by Anabella Adrian

Milana looked up at the entrance of the Renaissance inspired architecture before she hurried into the school. She raced down the wide hallway, her footsteps echoing in the vast empty space. Everyone else was in class and the rustling of paper and the occasional shout from a teacher urged her along. Capello School for Girls was nestled in the heart of Florence and was one of the most exclusive schools in Italy. Capello had an impressive reputation, focusing on not only on academics but the arts as well.  Wealthy parents considered it a status requirement to send their daughters to the beautiful campus.
  Would she miss it here? Would she miss Florence? Milana had spent her entire childhood here, away from her family. She started at the young age of twelve, entering into middle school just on the other side of the campus. Now was the last day of her senior year, and she was leaving to spend a summer with her mother in Milan before going off to college in the States. Her parents were divorced and her father lived in the States, New York to be exact. This was one of the reasons she chose to go to Julliard, to be close to her father. Well that and it was the best school for her to study music.
Her mother did not care what she did once she turned eighteen as long as it did not involve moving in with her. Milana would cramp the style of the former model. Her mother probably felt Milana would be competition. She shook the thoughts off, walking steadily toward the large door at the end of the hall.
Milana stopped abruptly in front of the door; her gaze traced the lettering etched in brass on the nameplate. Mr. Victor Capitani. Chancellor. Her heart thudded painfully against her chest as her hand went to knock on the door. Could she do this? For three long years, she’d watched him from afar, yearning to feel his strong hands upon her. The teenage crush grew over the years into an infatuation until she could not leave this place without taking this step. Mr. Capitani was unlike any Chancellor she’d ever seen before. In his late thirties, he still had dark hair, with the slightest hint of grey at the temples, and he was breath taking. A strong curved nose that led down to the most kissable lips she had ever seen all set within a strong jaw.
  So this was it, the day she stopped longing and took action. Mr. Capitani. She was of age and he was not married. Why that was, she was unsure, but she’d heard he’d yet to find someone with the ability to keep up with him in the bedroom. How could any woman tire of such a man? Milana took a deep breath, lifting her hand she knocked on the door.
  “Come in, Miss. Moreno.” His deep voice called from the other side of the door.
  Slowly, Milana opened the door, her stomach rippled with nerves. She stepped across the threshold of the doorway and felt as if she entered another dimension. Milana lifted her head, surveying the room. Bookshelves lined three of the walls from floor to ceiling; a massive mahogany desk took up a great deal of space near the far wall, and a deep, leather wingback sat behind it. A single straight-backed chair was set on the opposite side.
  Despite the afternoon sunlight filtering in through the window, the room still seemed dark. Chancellor Capitani motioned toward the narrow chair directly in front of him. He sat behind the huge desk, a grand piece of furniture fit for the Chancellor of the prominent school. Any other man would look slight and insignificant behind such a desk. Not Victor Capitani. His presence was entirely undiminished. Licking her dry lips, Milana took him in. Mr. Capitani kept his shirt sleeves pushed up with his top collar buttons open, showing a small bit of tanned, hairless flesh. A  navy vest was worn over his shirt and placed neatly on the back of his chair was his dark suit jacket. His dark eyes darted up from his papers. “Miss Moreno, shouldn’t you be in class?”
  Milana’s cheeks redden with heat as she struggled with the temptation to flee, but a spark of purpose forced her on. “No, Mr. Capitani. I’m leaving school today, you see.” Chewing on her lip, Milana wondered how she should broach the subject.
  “Yes, I know. Why are you here?” He had given brief glances and the occasional courteous nod before and for the first time the Chancellor was genuinely  noticing her.
  “You see, Mr. Capitani... I want… that is… Well, it’s my last day here…”
  “Yes, you said that,” he told her with the raise of an eyebrow. Placing his pen down and propping his chin on his hands, he eyed her as she flustered under his intense gaze.
  “Well, the thing is…” She licked at her lips. “I want you to… to have sex with me,” she spilled the words out in an embarrassed whisper.
  Milana waited for his response. She looked toward the beveled window behind him. She couldn’t look directly into his eyes, she felt as if she was waiting for death. Would he turn her away? Would he laugh? He was going to turn her away, she knew it. Milana would never know what it felt like to have him inside her.  She would leave here today a virgin and humiliated from rejection.
  After an endless time, he leaned forward, propping his fists on the desk. “Look at me, Miss. Moreno.”
  She felt his eyes bore into her face, with a nervous sigh; she lowered her direction and faced Mr. Capitani.
  “It’s against school regulations, you know?” The powerful sound of his voice filled the room even though he practically whispered the words.
  She found herself mesmerized by his movements; he stood from his chair and slowly moved around the desk. Her legs trembled with anticipation and fiery heat spread through her arm as his hand lightly touched her own hand.
  Mr. Capitani simply held her hand in his. “Have you been with a man before, Milana?”
  “No.” The one word was all she could muster. She did not know what else to say. It took every bit of strength she had to ask for him to have sex with her.
  “If we do this,” he told her as brought her hand to his lips, “we will do this properly.”
  Milana swallowed, Mr. Capitani pulled her up to him, his mouth so close to hers, and she smelled the faint smell of his cologne. His warm breath brushed over her skin. “I want everything, do you understand? I will not be gentle because it is your first time. I will make sure you are willing and eager, but I will not be making love to you Miss. Moreno. Do you understand?”
  “Yes.” Her knees virtually buckled as his hands came around her, one hand on her lower back and the other to the back of her neck, burying under her bright blonde curls. The heat of his hand seeped through her shirt, sending shivers up and down her spine.
  His lips came to her ear, his breaths tickling her and causing her to shake. “Anything? You will not refuse me once you agree. This is your only chance to leave, until I am done with you.”
  His arousal pressed against her stomach through the fabric of his trousers. Unconsciously she rocked against his length. Milana would do anything to take the away the ache she had whenever he was around. She would do anything to have this man. “Anything.” The word slipped from her lips, a shaky whisper.
  Victor smiled before he grasped her mouth in a deep, powerful kiss.  His strong hands slid down her back until they landed on her firm, round backside. “Perfect.” He broke the kiss abruptly, leaving her to sway precariously.
  She gathered her footing as he made his way back around his desk and sat down. He crooked his finger, motioning for her to join him. Trying not to seem too eager, she breathed in slowly before she sashayed over to him.
  She stood between his spread legs. His dark eyes held hers captive, her fingers clutched the sides of her school uniform skirt, nervously awaiting his next move. Milana’s breath caught when his fingers slowly trailed up her thigh, until they settled beneath her skirt. They continued their path up to the curve of her ass, and she jerked as they brushed her skin.
  A reverberating chuckle sounded from him as she wriggled under his grip, desperate for his fingers to explore the rest of her body. Unexpectedly, he yanked up her skirt with one hand as the other one hauled down her panties. Cool air drifted over her bare bottom and she shuddered with anticipation. His warm palm brushed over her pale flesh and her eyes drifted shut at the exquisiteness of it. She had known it would be like this.
  “Oh!” Her lids flew open as his hand hit in a sharp sting against her buttocks. She whimpered as he repeated the action, each time coming down harder and harder. And though it hurt, her core was getting wetter with every slap. It clenched with each spank, and she found her bottom reaching up to meet his smacks. Mr. Capitani varied the blows, never hitting her bottom on the same place twice.
  He would pause briefly, leaving her to wait with bated breath, and then his hand would swoop down again, the sharp slap ringing in her ears. He spanked her with eagerness, growling at her reaction, until she was sure her bottom would go numb.
  Between the spankings to her bottom, his other hand found its way to her sex. His thick finger teased her swollen core. Another finger joined his other one, spreading her damp lips wide. “You are exquisite,” he murmured as he pushed into her heat.
  Milana couldn’t respond. All she was capable of was gripping his shoulders to hold on as he plunders into her body with his thick fingers, over and over again until her body tightened and she cried out her release. It was the most powerful thing ever to happen to her body, and she wasn’t sure she could take whatever came next.
  Tenderly, he held her slumped body to him before he pulled her skirt back into place and gave her bottom an affectionate pat. Milana briefly wondered if that was it, but from the great size of his manhood jutting against his trousers, she couldn’t believe that.
  Victor caught Milana’s gaze locked on the bulge straining against his pants. “You want to continue, beautiful?”
  She licked her lips and nodded. “Please.”
  He considered her for a moment.  “Kneel.”
  She breathed. “Yes, Sir.”
  “Good girl.” He started to unbuckle his belt buckle, drawing the leather through the loops of his pants.
  Milana was becoming frustrated with his slow, teasing pace. In hopes to hurry him along she dropped to her knees and proceeded to lift her hands to his zipper. She fumbled with the metal zipper and the top button of his wool trousers. Finally his cock bounced free, hard and intimidating.
  She leaned in purely on instinct and inhaled deeply, taking in the fragrance of him as she shoved his pants and briefs down his muscled thighs. Milana thought she heard him groan when her lips opened and her pink tongue touched the tip of his length.
  His thumb pressed down on her chin to open her mouth, while his other hand gripped his long shaft tight at the base. He rubbed the smooth, pre-cum slick head across Milana’s lips.
  “Open, Milana.” Mr. Capitani moaned low.
  She opened her mouth slowly, ran her tongue around the broad cockhead. He jerked and her stomach flipped. It pleased her to know she was not alone in her desire. She affected him as well. Milana stretched her mouth wide to take his manhood.
  The back of her hand brushed lightly over her cheek as his other hand continued to guide her mouth over his arousal. Milan looked up at him, watching his face while she took him further into her hot mouth.
  His nostrils were flared. “You look lovely with my cock in your mouth, Miss Moreno,” he said gruffly.
  Her sex pulsed in response to his words. She couldn’t respond with her mouth filled with his erection. Milana’s eyes never left his; she became mesmerized watching the heat flare in those dark eyes. She bobbed up and down on his cock, taking him as deep as she could until she felt the crown of his head hit the back of her throat.
  Suddenly his hand yanked her from his cock, “Tongue under my ball sac, slowly beautiful.”
  Milana whipped her tongue all around his sac, following her instincts she sucked his balls into her mouth. Pleased when she heard him moan, she pressed in closer, gobbling him up. The fresh smell of his soap lingered, filling her senses.
  Mr. Capitani’s cock bounced hitting her cheek. “Fuck,” he growled.  “Take me down your throat. Now.”  
  Quickly Milana shifted to take his large girth back into her mouth. Victor pushed forward forcing his engorged head to the back of her throat. He swelled, gagging her as he slipped himself down her throat. “Relax, Milana, you can take me.”
  Her watery eyes lifted to look into his, she held his stare. Milana never tried to pull away; she continued to suck him deeper into her mouth until she felt the warm spurt of semen flow down her throat.
  His hand caressed her cheek before burying it into her hair. “You are a natural.” Slowly he slipped himself from her mouth. Milana’s tongue flicked out swirled around his crown before he left her mouth completely.
  She whimpered at the sight of him tucking himself back into him trousers. Milan’s core ached with need, her juices dripped down her legs. Even though his breath was uneven he continued to straighten himself. He tucked a strand behind her ear. “You did well, and I am very pleased with you.” He whispered before he stepped away from her.
  Milana felt like her heart would burst at his praise. “Thank you, umm Mr.…”
  “Sir will do for now.” His smile was a touch rueful. Mr. Capitani turned to walk back behind his desk. “Was there something else, Miss. Moreno?” He asked before he diverted his attention to his computer.
  “I thought, well that you…we would.” Milana stuttered the words. All her nerves were back in full force.
  “We would what? What do you want Milana?”
  He sounded amused, which was frustrating and embarrassing, but she couldn’t muster the courage to walk away. She came too far to back down now, Milana cleared her throat and blurted. “You to fuck me… Sir.”
  Victor examined her thoughtfully for a few moments, a grin playing across his lips. “Come here.”
  Her feet moved on their own accord before she could think, and he drew Milana into his lap. Mr. Capitani stroked along her back lightly and kissed my forehead.
  “I will not take your innocence here in my office. I want to do so many things to your delectable young body, that risking interruption is unacceptable.” He lifted her chin with his thumb. “You will go have a healthy lunch, and then bathe and shave that achy pussy of yours. I will send further instructions. Do you understand?”
  “Yes, Sir,” Milana replied, anticipation for instructions heightening her already exquisite arousal.
  He set her away from him, smiling. “Go now, Milana. You’ve taken a very brave step today. I’m proud of you.”  
  She beamed. “Thank you, Sir.”

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